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A New Dimension in Association Management


Maple Street Management, Inc. manages the business of trade associations, professional societies, and small businesses on a cost-shared, contractual basis. We provide skilled professionals – managers, administrators, and specialists—who conduct the business of your organization. Our centralized office serves as the headquarters for your organization.

Maple Street Management, Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service to corporations and professional organizations statewide. We place our highest priorities on integrity and innovation. Our associates include skilled professionals who work closely with elected leaders, committees, and members to ensure the success and growth of our client organizations. We have worked extensively in turning around struggling small to mid range associations by offering successful alternatives for limited budgets.

The team at Maple Street Management, Inc. conducts the business of our clients with expertise, enthusiasm, and efficiency, allowing leadership to focus on the issues most important to their members.


Maple Street Management - A New Dimension in Association Management

Association Management Company vs. Volunteers
While a volunteer may know the ins-and outs of your association and can offer lower costs in the managing of your association, a volunteer may run into such constraints as time, inexperience in managing associations, and result in a lack of consistency within the organization due to high turnover rates.

Association Management Company vs. Individual
Individuals employed by the association may have more knowledge about association management and provide year to year service giving your association more seamless transactions. On the other hand, there is more cost involved, there may be a lack of expertise in some areas, and the association, as the employer, holds all the risks and overhead associated with being an employer.

Association Management Company
By aligning your association with an association management company you gain experts who are familiar with how nonprofit associations are run, lower overhead costs that are mindful of your budget, experts in a variety of fields, seamless transactions, lowers legal risks, freeing up the Board of Directors to focus on the goals and mission of your association.



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